We had another great day of showing and telling about our schools. We began the day at the International School of Lusaka with Joy and Natalie sharing their experiences. The resource differences between the international school and the schools visited yesterday were striking and provided fodder for good conversation. The deputy head of the primary grades also spent a good amount of time describing the school as well as the process and opportunities for teaching internationally. Some of us may be returning!

We moved on to Chikumbuso, and received a small peek at the activities of Heesong’s and Lauren’s classrooms. In addition to the school, we also toured the associated women’s projects and found some beautiful handmade gifts. The story of Chikumbuso is one of hope, and the women’s stories inspired us all.

After lunch we visited the classrooms and clinic at Faith Christian Academy. Lindsey, Paige C., Jenna, and Abby hosted us and introduced us to their work spaces. Many sponsors of the children at the school were also present so we also were able to watch their program and visit the students’ homes with them.

We spent our dinner time sharing our heartbreaking and breath-taking experiences of this interim. We are truly blessed to have such incredible times together and look forward to sharing stories and pictures. We look forward to seeing how God will use these experiences in building God’s kingdom.

Right now we are sitting in the airport waiting to board the plane. Several of us balked at leaving and some even took “lost” reservations as a sign that we should stay. But we’ve made it through immigration and security and are ready to head home.

Our hearts are full with good memories and rich good-byes, with promises to maintain our new relationships, and prayers for God’s continued presence with our brothers and sisters here in Zambia.

See you soon!




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