Show and Tell

Today, we started our journey at 8 am. It was nice to sleep in and get some time to rejuvenate after hustling and bustling to complete our case studies and prepare our final presentations. Today’s itinerary consisted of three stops: Free Baptist, True Gospel, and Helen DeVos schools. On our way to these schools today, we got a taste of the compounds as we traveled the bumpy, dusty roads. It was hard to not make spectacles of ourselves as we drove through the compound, with local children waving and chasing after the two vans of mazungus.  When we arrived at True Gospel, Jack and Daniel were basically mobbed as they got out of the. You could see how much their students loved them; they were basically celebrities there. We got a chance to experience songs that the students prepared for us and truly see the blessings of the school even through the struggle for space.

IMG_2767 After True Gospel, we headed to Free Baptist, with the dust swirling around us as we exited the vans. Some of us were surprised when we entered the school to see a make-shift school consisting of four classes in different corners of a church in church pews with added tables. In spite of few resources, the students and teachers eagerly shared their class spaces and work with us. When we talked with the head teacher of the school he spoke of how at one time he taught grades 1-6 by himself for 6 years. This was just another reminder of how hard-working, passionate, and loving teachers are for their students in Zambia. They will do whatever they can to educate the next generation, even if that means that they will only get $40 a month. That kind of dedication is unheard of in the United States, and a lesson we can all learn from.


I truly hope to someday be able to push aside economic worries and serve those who need my help without worrying about myself and how I will fare, just like the teachers in Zambia. When we see pain, struggling, and need, others see reality and possibility. I used to be completely heartbroken when I saw things like what we saw in the compounds today, but now I see hope and motivation. To close the time at Free Baptist, a decent amount of our group of mazungus were put to tears as students, teachers, and the members of our group gathered in a circle to sing There’s No One Like Jesus, a worship song that unified us across culture and race.

As much as I want to rush in and fix all the problems, I now realize that a North American rushing in isn’t always the best scenario. In fact, although I came to teach the Zambian children, I instead learned from them. We need to continue to encourage the teachers and elders of Zambia as they daily equip their students.

Our last stop was Helen DeVos Christian High School. The school reminded me a lot of Faith Christian Academy (Family Legacy) in the way that there were larger facilities and more visible resources. I know the entire group had an absolute blast singing and dancing at the assembly at Helen DeVos. The strong student leaders planned and led the assembly, incorporating singing groups, a dramatized poem, and a short devotional. And how gutsy of Paige S. was to stand in front of the entire student body and sing impromptu!



After visiting the schools today, we had our second to last dinner at the House of Moses made by the amazing staff and spent our last few hours with the babies. Today was an incredible day and I can’t wait for what lies ahead of us tomorrow. It will be bittersweet to go and leave the place we have all made ties to, but it will be nice to head home.

Post by Paige C.


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