The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

It was sad to say goodbye to Livingstone after an adventure-filled weekend. A fast-paced week working in the schools led to a weekend of much-needed rest and rejuvenation. We were very spoiled with nice accommodations, hot showers, dinners out on the town, and late nights playing games. Through sharing embarrassing stories, playing “Would you rather,” and Telephone Pictionary, our group has bonded together.


We had mixed feelings as we said goodbye to our dear friend Allison today. We were sad to leave her in Livingstone but excited for her to begin the next chapter of her summer. Allison will be remaining in the Livingstone area until the end of July working with an organization teaching literacy and sharing the good news in villages. We will be praying for her as she embarks on this new journey.

As for us, we had another 7-hour bus ride back to the House of Moses! We spent our time journaling, catching up on sleep, snacking, and playing games. We were able to enjoy the beautiful scenery as we drove through the towns, villages, and landscape of Zambia.Image

We have a lot of work ahead of us tonight as we prepare for our presentations and final projects tomorrow. We are looking forward to sharing our experiences and stories with one another. It’s hard to believe our time together is coming to a close but we are looking forward to applying what we have learned to our lives back home.

Peace and Blessings, 

Lindsey and Natalie


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