Hakuna Matata


Today, our group made its way to Botswana’s Chobe National Park to take part on a safari! After an hour drive from Livingstone and numerous passport checks, we reached our destination. As children who grew up watching The Lion King and The Jungle Book, we were beyond excited!

The first part of our safari consisted of exploring the wildlife on the Chobe River. For this endeavor, we boarded a two story boat that consisted of coffee, soft drinks, chocolate, and much more! However, these luxuries paled in comparison to the journey that lay ahead of us. Within minutes of takeoff, our group spotted a crocodile on an outer rim of the river (there are no alligators in the Chobe River). Then, within minutes of this occurrence, our group spotted a group of kudus (deer-like animals) meandering around for food on the shore. However, the coolest part of this trek was seeing a pod of hippos lying on an island of mud in the middle of the river. This sight was incredible and made the girls on our trip squeal with joy as if they just saw Justin Bieber perform live. After three hours, the first part of the safari was finished and we were off to find what Chobe National Park had in store for us on land.

After a great lunch on shore and boarding two jeeps, our group was more than excited to see more wildlife! Chobe National Park consists of approximately 90,000 elephants as well as an assortment of other exotic animals. Although this part of the safari was a little shorter than the first part, we saw many more animals. We saw more elephants today than we had in our entire lives. We saw baboons jumping out of trees and birds swiftly flying through the bright sky. Finally, we saw beautiful giraffes (most people’s favorite animal of the day) walking through the park in families as our group tried to take as many pictures as possible.

As a whole, this day was a blast! Numerous members of our group commented that they felt they were dreaming because of how incredible the sights we saw were. Hopefully, the pictures posted in this blog will give you a small taste of what we experienced today!

Hey Mom, Dad, Grandmas and Grandpas, and Uncle Rick! Thanks so much for your prayers! I am having a great time!



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