Traveling to Livingstone

Today was full of travel! We started the day out with a wonderful french toast breakfast, made by the ladies at House of Moses. Then we were in the vans heading to the bus station to catch our bus for Livingstone at 7:15 a.m. We waited for a while in the vans for our bus to arrive and then loaded up! The bus was similar to any American charter bus and we all got to sit together in the first 5 rows.


Most of the bus ride was through rural Zambia and it was absolutely beautiful to look out at God’s creation. We passed many villages, goats, cows, trees, and mountains. It was especially cool to see so many Zambian people in the villages and along the roads going about their lives. Abby and I had a conversation about how immensely different our lives are compared to the people of the villages we passed- but now that we have become more familiar with the Zambian culture, we realize that there are still many similarities between us even though our lives appear to be so different.


The ride was very bumpy! But I think we all managed to get a few hours of sleep of much needed sleep. There were a few times that we would suddenly come to a stop, and look up and there would be cows crossing the road in front of us! The bus had one stop that most of us got off at to use the restrooms (toilets as Zambians say) and had to pay 2 Kwacha to use the well cared for facilities. Then we were on own way again. After about 7 hours on the bus, we arrived in Livingstone about 4:00 p.m. (in Livingstone they use 12-hour time!). There were men from The Chanters Lodge waiting to pick us and we drove about 3 minutes and we here! The Chanters Lodge is a quaint British hotel and restaurant in Livingstone. After arriving, the whole group walked to the small town near by and got some snacks and mostly chocolate- then walked about 20 minutes back. We had dinner at the hotel, buffet style, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed! Now people are playing games and hanging out for the night!

We are all extremely excited about the next few days- to see amazing parts of the world we have never seen before, to have some quality time together as a group, and to slow down a little from our busy week in the schools. We are all so thankful for this opportunity and appreciate everyone’s prayers for our safety during our time here.

Tomorrow we are off at 7:00 a.m. to go to Chobe National Park on our safari!!!!

and — Hi Momma!! 🙂 Love, Alex Dhaenens



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