Reflections on the week of School

First, apologies for the late posting… our internet was down overnight. But now we’re in Livingstone with wifi again!

I am the Speech Pathologist of the group and just completed my first year of the program. This week I was able to get to know many students and teachers at ISL. As I worked with students with speech and learning differences, it was extremely rewarding to see them make progress throughout the week and experience the appreciation of the teachers who do not have anyone on staff to help students navigate these differences. I was challenged in ways I never would have imagined and am so grateful for all I have learned.

In the morning Joy, Lauren, Heesong, and I had a wonderful driver, Tom, take us to school very early each day. One morning this week, as I love to sing, we all joined in singing worship songs. Tom taught us a traditional worship song in Cinyanja. The words in English are, “I can not doubt you Lord, in your name there is deliverance.” As we sang in the car during our daily commute and drove past poverty stricken areas I realized the beauty in the words we were singing and the joy we can have in our hearts despite our circumstances. I am grateful to my friend Tom for what he taught me this week.

Today was our final day aiding in the schools! I think we can all agree that it was hard to say goodbye to the teachers and students that we have spent time learning and growing with this week. We have learned so much about Zambian culture, formed meaningful relationships, and gained experiences that we will never forget.

Many of us finished school early and enjoyed an afternoon of resting and playing with children in the nursery. We had an American meal of burgers and potato salad, which was much welcomed after last night’s adventurous menu. After dinner we were able to reflect on our experiences and thank God for the work He is doing in us here in Zambia.

Tonight as we unwind after a long week, we are also preparing for our seven-hour bus ride to Livingstone tomorrow. We are so excited for a weekend of fun! Thank you so much for your prayers!

I love you and miss you Mom, Dad, Whitney, Grandma, and Aunt Sherri! I can’t wait to see you when I get home!



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