To God be the Glory

As our alarms went off early in the morning we were reminded it was time to start getting ready to aide in our Lusaka classrooms for the third day. I have the privilege to be aiding at Faith Christian Academy with Lindsey and Paige C. It is one of 18 schools from the organization called Family Legacy. Abby, the future nurse, is also on the same compound working in a tent for Zambians attending a week long camp. The school of Faith Christian Academy is full of children who have come off the streets or from abusive homes. It is also staffed with amazing teachers who have a heart for vulnerable children and a passion for teaching. Each morning this week the four of us walk to a bus stop near the House of Moses and wait to see the bus with BE REAL plastered to the windshield. When it arrives the four of us walk on and greet our new Zambian teacher friends. Once we are all on the bus one of the teachers leads devotions and prays for the students of the school. This is has been a great experience for us to bond with the teachers and has made us start to understand the life of a Zambian teacher.

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The past two days I have been in a pre-school room, but my teacher was unable to make it to school today. Without a good source of substitutes, we were not able to have pre-school today. So I moved to the first grade room, which I enjoyed because they spoke more English and I was able to communicate with them more clearly. Throughout the day, the others at my school and I taught multiple lessons, with each of us doing the best we could. I have learned from my teacher about classroom management and she expressed appreciation for my lessons that incorporated movement. Besides teaching the lessons, my two favorite parts of the day were of course lunch and recess. Paige C. and I went to the cafeteria with our students and tasted a spoonful of what they call goose goose, which is a mixture of rice and chicken. We decided that it was not bad, but could not imagine eating it every single day. We chatted with the students and one little boy said to me, “You are from America, the rich country.” I thought about what he said for a moment and thought yes, after being here for nine days I do realize how blessed we are in America in terms of material things, but I also have been realizing how blessed the people here are in terms of relationships and attitudes toward time. We need Jesus’ redemptive work just as much as our Zambian brothers and sisters. I think I speak for the group in terms of rethinking and reconsidering how we are living our lives back in the states.

IMG_2229I mentioned earlier, I also enjoyed recess because I played soccer in my long skirt with about ten boys. I failed at my dream to score a goal, but it was still an unforgettable fun experience.

I continue to be blown away at the hospitality our group is experiencing at the House of Moses. Kevin, the leader, whose birthday we were able to celebrate tonight (yes, we did get cake and ice cream!), coordinates our schedules, rides, and activities. The ladies take care of all of our needs from dirty laundry, making us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and preparing delicious dinners. God has been at work here and our group is meshing unbelievably well. As we have made it to the half way mark, we ask for continual prayer for protection, strength, good health and laughter.

IMG_2258For everything that has happened on this trip so far and for what is yet to come, to God be the glory.

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