And we’re off!

We’re off! The first legs of our trip have gone smoothly, beginning with helpful Delta agents and airport skycaps. They assisted us with all of our twenty-seven-gallon tubs and waited patiently as we added last-minute items for our hosts in Zambia. They zip-tied the tubs shut and we hope to see the tubs intact with the rest of our luggage when we arrive in Lusaka. Within 40 minutes all 19 of us were checked in and on our way to the gate. Quite a gift!

After a short first leg to Detroit we settled in for the long leg over the Atlantic. Sharing a movie is not as easy with individual monitors but it can be done when four in a row start the same movie all at the same time. Bonding time! 

The flight was light on passengers so several of us were able to spread out and find some decent sleeping space. A few hours of sleep are such a blessing!

Now, as we layover in Amsterdam, we trust in God’s good provision for the next long leg. As we read A Girl Called Problem by Katie Quirk we are preparing for life in rural Africa, exploring some of the cultural and historical influences on southern Africa. We are excited to arrive and dive into this adventure for which we have been planning for so many months.

Thanks for your prayers; we are in an interesting position as we travel to Zambia. As I read Luke 10 this morning I wondered whether we are like the seventy-two sent out by Jesus. But we are not a mission trip, we are not a service trip. We are an educational trip. Zambia has declared itself a Christian nation, so we go as brothers and sisters in Christ, seeking to learn more about God’s advancing kingdom in Zambia. Just as in our daily lives, we travel as salt and light, living as God’s people in whatever we do, recognizing we are God’s light to those who do not yet know God. Pray that we may learn much together with our Zambian and North American host teachers and administrators both in and out of the classroom.

Post written by Marj on behalf of the Calvin Zambia Team


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